12 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

1. It relieves stress: both listening to and playing music can be very relaxing and stress relieving. It is known to lower the heart rate and reduce blood pressure as well.

2. It increases your self-image: learning to play an instrument is a significant undertaking. As you learn and improve, you will develop a better self-image.

3. It helps you to be more productive: a relaxed, happy, confident person is generally more productive than someone who isn’t. Learning an instrument teaches you self-discipline, and that personal discipline will carry over into other areas of life.

4. It enhances your social life: playing an instrument will enlarge your social circle. You will meet and relate to more musicians. You will fascinate and intrigue people who do not play an instrument. You will relate to the world a little differently.

5. It fosters teamwork: if you’re going to play an instrument, you will likely find yourself in situations where you will be playing with others. Playing in a band isn’t about showboating; it’s about working together to create the best music and sound possible. Learning to work well with others will teach you valuable teamwork skills.

6. It makes you smarter: children who learn to play a musical instrument generally do better in academics. It helps them to develop their abstract reasoning skills.

7. It helps you to develop patience: learning an instrument doesn’t typically happen overnight; it takes a lot of work. Those who continue to practice over the long term will reap the rewards of their effort, and learn to be more patient besides.

8. It helps you to develop self-discipline: everything worthwhile takes effort. Learning to play an instrument teaches you to remain disciplined in your daily routine and everyday activities.

9. It helps you to think outside the box: music helps you to think more creatively. Creativity is a valuable asset that can prove beneficial in every facet of life.

10. It improves your memory: learning an instrument can help you to improve your memory, as music and memory go hand in hand. Music causes you to use both sides of your brain.

11. It gives you a sense of accomplishment: again, learning to play an instrument well takes time and significant effort. You will develop a sense of accomplishment for improving and becoming a better instrumentalist.

12. It’s fun: though learning to play an instrument can take work, it can also be a lot of fun. There are a variety of different styles to explore, and jamming with other musicians can be a very rewarding experience.