3 Tips For Selling Your Vinyl Records

3 Tips For Selling Your Vinyl RecordsOne of the fun parts about collecting records is that they tend to retain their value.

And while you may want to hang onto your favorite records – especially those with sentimental value –  there may also be those you don’t mind parting with. It could mean giving others the chance to obtain an album they’ve always wanted.

As with anything else you might be interested in selling, you could list your old records on eBay or a classified site to generate interest. And that’s fine if you don’t care about how much money you get for them.

But if you want to get what your records are worth, it’s going to take a little more effort.

Here are three tips for selling your vinyl records.

Find Out How Much Your Records Are Worth

This may involve a bit of research. You can refer to references books, take advantage of a site like popsike.com, or talk to the people at your local record shop to find out how they would value your old vinyl.

You can also have a look at how the market is valuing certain records by looking at Amazon, eBay, or other sites where records are sold.

But there is a chance you’ll be able to get more for your records than you think, so take some time to do your research before rushing into the sale.

Offer A Thorough Description Of Your Goods

If you’re planning to sell your record online, it’s not enough to list the product and wait for it to sell. If it’s never been opened before, that’s one thing, but quite another if it’s been a part of your collection for any length of time.

For one, you need to provide pictures of your records from several angles. This will help buyers as they consider whether they want to pick up your vinyl or not.

For another, records should also be rated – this is based on the quality of the sleeve as well as the record itself. A simple bad, poor, fair, and good quality rating is often enough.

Finally, you should also create an honest and thorough product description, making note of any flaws or blemishes the product may have.

Consider How Much Time You’re Willing To Spend Selling Your Records

Records can be sold individually, or within a collection. In most cases, you’re probably going to get more money for them if you sell them piece by piece.

But you must think about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into selling every record. You’ll need to research each album, price it out, take pictures of it, write up a description for it, and create a listing on an auction site like eBaby (or in some cases many sites).

If you have nothing but popular music in your collection, it’s safe to assume it isn’t worth much (because everyone has it), with the possible exception of old Elvis Presley or The Beatles records. In a case like that, you don’t have to put as much time into your research, nor would you be required to sell your collection one by one.