6 Essential Guitar Practice Tips

Are you passionate about guitar? If not, you may have a hard time getting motivated enough to practice on a regular basis.

However, as obvious as this likely sounds, if you don’t practice, you won’t get better. You can’t sit around and wait to become a better guitar player.

If you want to get motivated, you need to start feeding your passion. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Watch videos. Jam with friends. Find a player that’s better than you and learn from them.

In addition, start implementing the following tips in your practice routine.

1. Create a Practice Schedule

If you want to develop a consistent practice habit, it’s a good idea to create a routine for yourself. For example, if you make it a point to practice for an hour at the same time every single day (i.e. 6 PM), it will help you to develop a habit that will stick. After all, a long-term commitment will be required of you if you truly have the desire to become a better player.

2. Set Goals

Goals will enable you to develop a focus around your practice routine. As you set goals and put an emphasis on reaching them, you will cut the fat off of your practice schedule. In other words, you will take fewer detours down roads you don’t need to go down at this moment, and you will learn to concentrate on what is relevant and what you need to do now to progress towards your objectives.

3. Remove Yourself from Distractions

Interruptions can be detrimental to your practice regimen. You will have a hard time re-focusing on your playing after tending to unrelated distractions. Figure out a way to remove yourself from diversions while you are practicing; even if it’s just for short amounts of time.

4. Prepare Your Practice Material

Don’t wait for your practice time to come around before setting your practice material on your music stand. Make it a habit to do this well in advance of your scheduled practice time; preferably the night before. This simple step will help you to get in the right headspace before you even start practicing.

5. Vary Up Your Routine

If you are in the habit of going to the gym on a daily basis, you probably don’t work on your legs every single day; you change up your routine to build different muscle groups independently. You might work on your arms one day, and work on your core on another day.

Similarly, it would be wise to work on chords one day, songs on another, scales the following day, and so on. This will help you to stay engaged with your practice, and it will enable you to work on different facets of your playing.

6. Enjoy Playing Your Guitar

Music is meant to be fun. If you aren’t enjoying your instrument, you’re going to have a hard time sitting down to practice on a regular basis. Figure out ways to keep your practice routine fun and interesting. Try different things, and remember to reward yourself for the progress you are making.