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Singer/Songwriter Showcase

Jake Mathews Songwriting Session

An intimate and interactive singer/songwriter workshop with Jake Mathews at Music Centre Canada Macleod Trail location, Saturday Feb 25 from 1pm to 3pm
Seats are limited to 25, so call to reserve yours NOW!

Jake Mathews is a Canadian country artist who has enjoyed great success at radio with numerous top 20 hits and has received several CCMA nominations.
His outstanding sophomore album “Time After Time” garnered national critical acclaim and was awarded Album of the Year by Country Music News! He released his album titled ”Red Tail Lights” through On Ramp Records/EMI. The first single “If I Had It My Way” was one of the TOP 5 most played songs of the year and spent an incredible 36 weeks on the charts and reached #9 on BDS!
Jake has toured throughout Canada and internationally, performing in Korea, Japan, New York, London, Berlin and Australia!

4 Benefits of Owning a Record Player

4 Benefits of Owning a Record PlayerWhen CD players were just released, many people couldn’t wait to get their hands on them.

After all, the only alternative to record players at that time were tapes. With CDs came many conveniences (such as the ability to easily pause and skip tracks) that weren’t available to music consumers before.

And some people still feel that way, which is why they continue to go in the direction of convenience – digital downloads, streaming sites, and so on.

But others remember records fondly. And still others have woken up to the advantages of vinyl records over other mediums.

Here are four benefits to owning a record player.

The Album Artwork

Vinyl records come in large sleeves that prominently feature the album artwork, liner notes, and other information pertinent to the release. Tapes and CDs are considerably smaller, and come in smaller cases that limit their ability to highlight the visual appeal of the music in the same way.

It’s one thing to display your CD collection on your shelves – but records have more of a presence.

The Experience

Records have a nostalgic warmth to them with their crackles and pops.

And while music is often used as background noise at the mall and in various forms of media, few people just listen anymore. In today’s fast-paced world, records can offer a bit of a refuge from the hustle and bustle of work and life, and other electronic devices that are designed to steal away our attention.

The Audio Quality

The audio quality of vinyl records is still a much-discussed topic. Is analog better, or is digital better? Do records provide a better listening experience, or do CDs?

These debates may go on forever without any resolution. The point is that records do offer a different listening experience compared to tapes, CDs, or digital files.

Audiophiles and purists will certainly appreciate how records sound compared to other mediums.

More Balance

Records require you to become an active listener. While you can do some simple tasks while you’re listening to a record, many people find that putting on a record is like committing to the art for the next 30 to 45 minutes of their life.

And that could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. Some people want to be able to put music on in the background and get on with whatever it is they’re doing. But others have realized the importance of slowing down and just appreciating the moment.

Records bring you closer to the music and the artist. It offers a way for you to engage in the art while enjoying the simplicity of the act of listening.


Some may also cite nostalgia as a reason to own a record. But for many millennials, that’s not a compelling proposition at all. For them, it might be more a matter of being on the cutting-edge of trends, like a hipster.

But whatever your reasons for owning a record player, it can give you a way to engross yourself in the art and practice enjoying the moment instead of rushing around all the time.