Duesenberg Imperial

Overview from the Duesenberg website:


The Duesenberg Imperial throws open the door to a time when rock was still celebrated “around the clock”, a time when jazz cats were starting to grease their hair and think about finding new sounds. This classic hollow body guitar with its deep sides and double f-holes is both a jazz and a rock’n’roll/rockabilly instrument. At the same time, however, it insists on exerting its own entirely unique character.

The greatly-appreciated Duesenberg pickup assembly with a Domino P90 and a Grand Vintage humbucker is here enhanced by our “Mid-Shift” twang pot, which extends the range of our already impressive Duesenberg sound spectrum. Marking the end of an all too mellow, pre-fab jazz sound, the Imperial is assisted by a highly functional Deluxe Tremola – here, of course, with a lengthier bar.

New: The Duesenberg Imperial D-Tron!
D-Tron humbuckers are built in the most sophisticated way to deliver just that typical sound you’ll know from Chet Atkins or Brian Setzer. The two medium level resistance coils are fitted in humbucker housings, while the thick Alnico magnet delivers high output and sparkling treble response.
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