MCC Franchise Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much time will I have to commit to Music Centre Canada?

Music Centre Canada franchise owner may be either an owner/operator or an investor. If you choose to invest in a Music Centre Canada franchise, you will be required to have a full time manager operating the business for you. This full time manager must have invested some of his-her money, completed the company’s training program and signed the Non-compete Agreement and the Nondisclosure of confidential Agreement.

Can I get an exclusive territory?

Yes, based on market demographics, area population, local name recognition, and many other variables we shall stipulate a set territory for each franchise location.

Can I open more than one store?

Yes, exceptional performers will be encouraged to grow with Music Centre Canada by sharing their expertise and expanding their growth plans.

Will I have to relocate?

You will not have to relocate if you live in or near an available company-selected market. You may find that there are relocation options available if you do wish to move.

Will Music Centre Canada help me with site selection?

Yes, our staff is experienced in choosing and negotiating prime leased space. In addition to this, we offer a complete turnkey operation.

How long will it take to open my Music Centre Canada outlet?

Opening will be based on the availability of a suitable location. Once a site is found, opening can take place in as few as 90 days or an many as 180 days, depending on the site selected and the amount of work that must be done to prepare it for opening.

What is the term of a Music Centre Canada franchise, and is it renewable?

The term for a Music Centre Canada franchise is seven years and is renewable for two additional terms of five years each.

What is the capital requirement?

Depending on the location, population and size of the store, the capital requirement will be in the range of $200,000 to $450,000 (CAD).

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