Is it Too Late to Start Learning How to Play the Guitar?

Is it Too Late to Start Learning How to Play the Guitar?This is a question that often comes up among people that are interested in learning the guitar, but for whatever reason, didn’t get an early start in their musical journey. If that describes you, read on.

While there are some advantages to starting young, a grown adult is still fully capable of harnessing their focus to learn something new; even a complex instrument like the guitar.

Is it ever too late to start learning? Carefully consider the following questions.

What Are Your Expectations?

Do you want to be able to play a few songs by a campfire, or do you want to be a world-renowned guitarist? Or, do you envision yourself somewhere in between?

While there aren’t any right or wrong answers here, if you haven’t started playing guitar yet, your expectations need to be realistic.

For example, if you want to be a superstar, you need to have a marketable image. It isn’t all about talent in the pop world, but you will need to have enough skill to be able to cater to the demands of the market.

If you want to be a known as an accomplished guitarist across the globe, you will have to spend hours upon hours in practice and study. Depending on the timeframe you are aiming for, you will have to take most of your productive time on a daily basis and put it towards becoming a better player.

It’s never too late if you want to play a few songs by the fire-pit or jam with your friends. Given enough time, you can start working towards whatever level you aspire to. Just remember to have realistic expectations.

How Willing Are You?

Learning new skills requires change. However, it’s human nature to resist change.

If you want to learn to play guitar, you will have to trust those who have gone before you and learn from them. Are you willing to humble yourself and submit yourself to their instruction?

You may have to put in a lot of practice. You may have to carve out additional time in your schedule to do it. You may have to do some things you don’t particularly want to do. Are you willing to go through the process anyway?

How Teachable Are You?

Being teachable goes hand-in-hand with being willing. You will always take more away from a lesson or a book or a video if you are in a teachable state. On the other hand, it will be an uphill battle if you aren’t open to new concepts and ideas.

You may be required to let go of things you think you know. You may need to change your thinking. You may have to learn some things you don’t particularly want to, to get to the things you do want to learn. Will you remain teachable anyway?


Though it’s a cliché, it definitely rings true here; better late than never. If your dream is to be able to play the guitar one day, then there’s no reason why you can’t start today, even if you didn’t get an early start.