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Throwing a Vinyl Listening Party You Won’t Soon Forget

Throwing a Vinyl Listening Party You Won’t Soon ForgetHave you ever heard of album listening parties? It’s where you gather together with friends to listen to a new music release.

In an increasingly connected world, you don’t hear about these types of parties as much anymore. Anyone can open up their favorite streaming app and start listening to the latest album by their favorite artist without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

But there is something to be said for the shared experience of listening to an album for the first time with your friends.

And when it comes to listening parties, there is no better medium to use than vinyl. So here are some tips on how to host a vinyl listening party you won’t soon forget.

Decide How It’s Going to Work

Set the ground rules beforehand. For example, if there are a specific number of songs you want to listen to at the party (i.e. side A of the record), decide on the playlist in advance. If no one should talk while listening, let everyone know. If you want it to be the first time everyone in attendance has listened to a particular album then give them a head’s up that they shouldn’t listen to that release until the day of the party.

It’s your party, so you can decide on what you want to do. It might seem anti-party to make rules, but having a basic structure can heighten the listening experience.

Check Your Gear

Is your turntable working? How about your speakers? Is the record ready to go? Nothing will put an end to your party sooner than faulty gear. If you can’t get your setup to work, you could always opt to stream the album instead, but that’s not going to be quite as special.

Invite Your Friends

Choose who you want to invite. Some people will enjoy the music and the experience. Others may not. It’s nice to have a diverse perspective, from music buffs and musicians all the way over to casual fans and hobbyists.

Again, this is your party. You don’t have to invite anyone that you don’t want to. Also see the previous section on “Decide How It’s Going to Work.” If you don’t want people criticizing the music, that’s your choice. Let them know.

Have a Conversation

Is any vinyl listening party complete without a discussion following the listening of the album? Well, that’s for you to decide, but oftentimes this is the best part.

You can analyze the music, the gear that was used, as well as the musicians that contributed, the lyrics, the meaning of the songs, and so on. If you don’t want it to escalate into a heated debate, then decide on what topics to talk about in advance. You might say something like, “let’s talk about the technical aspects of the music as opposed to whether or not you liked it.”

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a party is all about having fun. So be creative, and come up with some ideas. Incorporate food and drinks, or perhaps some games. You could even discuss trivia connected to the music or the band. Make it fun, and make it participatory.

5 Things You Need To Do Before Releasing Your Next Album

5 Things You Need To Do Before Releasing Your Next AlbumGetting ready for your next album release? Not sure where to start?

If you want to make the most of the excitement surrounding the upcoming release, there are several things you should do to ensure the best results possible.

Let’s take a look at five things you need to do before releasing your next album.

1. Promotion

All musicians know that they need to get their music heard before they can sell it. However, they often forget about promotion prior to their release.

Album releases only come around ever so often. If you aren’t teasing your music before it comes out, you’re missing a serious marketing opportunity.

Make sure to take some time to think about your marketing plan. You need a strategy for before and after the release.

2. Preparation

Are you planning a CD release party? Will you be running any special promotions for your new album (i.e. discounts, bundles, etc.)? Are you going to invite any special guests to your release party?

There are a lot of details that you have to think about and prepare for in order to make your release as successful as it has the potential to be. You can’t just wing it and expect everything to go great.

You need to make sure that you are adequately rehearsed, that you know what you need to bring, who is doing what, and so on.

3. Planning

Have you booked a venue for your release show? Do you know what your overall marketing message is going to be before, during and after the gig?

By planning for every contingency, you can eliminate a lot of problems that could potentially come up.

If you’re going to have a release party, make sure to bring plenty of product. Have backup gear in case something breaks down. Bring extra batteries, drum sticks, picks, cables and other items in case you end up needing them.

4. Practice

If you are looking to support your release with a series of shows (or a tour), you need to make sure you know your material well.

Although a studio recording can end up being significantly different from a live performance, you want to make sure that you are capturing the essence of the recordings in performance as well.

Remember to practice your stage moves and overall presence. Think about how you want each song to come across, and what you can do to get your audience to feel the emotion of your songs.

5. Prioritization

More than likely, you will have a lot of things to plan for leading up to the release of your next album.

It would be wise to make up a to-do list so you have a bird’s-eye view of the tasks that need to be completed. But you shouldn’t stop there; you should also list each item by order of importance.

Chance are there are some things you can allow to fall through the cracks. However, the most important items must get done, and it would be smart to tackle those as early as possible.