Top 5 Predictions & Trends in Music for 2015

Top 5 Predictions & Trends in Music for 20152015 has arrived, and a New Year always brings a fresh set of trends with it.

What will come to define this year in music? Will it be exactly the same as 2014, or will there be some new trends worth taking note of?

Is 2014 indicative of the direction we are heading in, or can we expect things to shake up a bit?

It’s fair to say that EDM is here to stay, but what about Katy Perry or Ed Sheeran? What about alt-J? Will Dubstep finally be put to bed?

Here are five predictions and trends for 2015.

1. Vinyl Records will Continue to Rise in Popularity

The vinyl record has been making a comeback, and has seen a steady but peculiar rise in popularity since 2004.

At this point, it’s hard to write it off as just another passing trend. In fact, it’s entirely possible that it will dominate physical music products in subsequent years.

Companies who serve to the vinyl niche aren’t even able to keep up with the demand right now, and that should tell you something.

2. Multi-Channel Marketing

You saw the Foo Fighters push their new Sonic Highways album in 2014 with a unique campaign that included recording eight songs in eight different cities, and this was also the perfect fodder for a HBO series. Additional promotion continued on into the podcasting realm.

In 2015, it’s likely that more musicians will try their hand at similar promotions. Music videos may still be effective marketing tools, but more musicians are going to be looking for unusual ways to build awareness around their music.

3. The Return of Hair Metal?

It has been talked about, rumored, and hinted at. Could Hair Metal make a return to the marketplace in 2015?

There is no question that EDM continues its dominance, and that trend is already in full swing, but with so many long-tail options available to buying fans, there certainly is room for secondary trends to emerge.

The Hair Metal resurgence may not be in full force yet, but give it some time. You never know.

4. More Mobile

More bands will be reaching out to their fans with mobile apps.

More ticketing and event services will cater to consumer demand by improving their ticket purchasing options on mobile devices.

More digital marketplaces will be seeking to enhance their technologies to make it easier to stream, purchase and share music.

This is the now generation, and there is no question that access is becoming all the more important to users everywhere.

5. Retro is the New Pink

There are many popular artists that are starting to dig up the classics to break up the monotonous strains of pop beats.

The Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga album was… interesting, and though it may not be indicative of things to come, you don’t have to look much further than acts like Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell to see the rebirth of retro.

So far it has been in the R&B/Funk/Soul/Disco vein, but whether or not it continues in that direction remains to be seen.